The Base Recycling Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is a qualified recycling program. Located in Area A, Bldg. 293, the recycling center has more than 800 “For Official Use Only” containers spread across the entire installation. The center services these containers and shreds all of the recyclable paper on a daily basis.

“Executive order 13693 sets a goal of diverting 50 percent of municipal solid waste. Wright-Patterson AFB is currently diverting 41 percent,” said Dave Dalton, Qualified Recycling Program manager. “The intent of this executive order is to help decrease the amount of solid waste to landfills and reduce our environmental footprint.”

Dalton added the FOUO and personally indefinable information shredding service is approved by the WPAFB security manager and endorsed by installation commander. Lockable/secure containers are provided. All FOUO/PII paper and white bond paper can be placed in containers. Containers come with a label with all do’s and don’ts. Curbside pick-up is on Tuesdays and Thurdays.

“Pre-shedded paper is accepted but must be placed in mixed paper dumpsters located at buildings or the pod,” said Dalton.

If you find a dumpster is full, please call the phone number on the side of the dumpster and report it to the recycling center.

All pods have cardboard, mixed paper and plastics containers (glass beverage containers and aluminum cans go in the plastics container).

The recycling center also has a full-service metals yard that takes scrap metal and improves it by separating ferrous and non-ferrous materials to get the maximum price for those commodities.

“You make your best annual returns from ferrous and non-ferrous metal, corrugated cardboard and bond paper.” said Dalton. “We recycled over 1,938 tons of materials last year.”

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