Committed to supporting the communities it serves, EMR Camden has awarded $5000 to a local non-profit organization, dedicated to helping and educating children, Mighty Writers. Every year, the Mighty Writers team teaches more than 3,500 kids to think clearly and write with clarity so they can achieve success. They host reading and writing workshops across five different regions. One of those regions is Camden, New Jersey.

EMR is a leader in the recycling industry, working to turn end-of-life materials into valuable resources. Despite its international operations, EMR recognizes that each of its locations, and each of its staff members, is integral to the communities in which they are based.  Employees at EMR’s Camden site regularly give up their time to volunteer for Mighty Writers and support local children, and the company has offered a combined $5,000 donation throughout 2023.

Having previously offered a $2,500 donation, which enabled the charity to host a book fair over the summer to over 320 young people, the metal recycler provided an additional $2,500 donation to support the non-profits Fall Literacy Festival. Stacey Pierce, EMR’s Director of Civic Engagement, explained: “We were delighted to be part of such important educational events which benefited 350 kids from across Camden. At both events each child was able to choose a few books to take home with them, which were beautiful and all brand new. Both were amazing days which myself and the team were proud to be a part of.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Mighty Writers has also begun distributing groceries, diapers, and other essentials to families in the community. The team at EMR Camden regularly holds collections to provide much needed items to the food pantry. Stacey, who herself volunteers every week at the pantry, said: “Mighty Writers does such important work in our community. Beyond the reading and writing programs, the food pantry is a lifeline for many families, with around 200 using the service each week. At EMR, we make it our mission to utilize our knowledge and influence within the recycling industry for the greater good. Mighty Writers is driven by its volunteers, and my colleagues and I are so proud to support them.”

Derrick Gallashaw, Senior Director of Mighty Writers Camden added: “It was such a pleasure to collaborate with EMR on our Book Bash this past spring and we were delighted to keep this momentum going with continued support for our Fall Literacy Festival. EMR’s contribution has been invaluable. With their support we have been able to offer young people a number of activities and food and beverages at our recent festival as well as helping them to improve their literacy. We would like to thank EMR and hope that this partnership continues for the years to come.”

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