The U.S. EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) shares new resources from their program and information about a recent webinar hosted by RMI, a nonprofit working with businesses, policymakers, communities and nongovernmental organizations to cut greenhouse gas emissions at least 50 percent by 2030.

Environmental Justice and Landfill Gas Energy

LMOP recently published “Considering Environmental Justice in Landfill Gas Energy Project Development”. This new fact sheet provides basic information about environmental justice (EJ) and the data available in LMOP’s national map including layers for national demographics and Tribal lands. The fact sheet also includes specific actions that can be taken to effectively engage with communities that have potential EJ concerns and links to additional resources.

LMOP also created a complementary “Using the LMOP National Map” webpage that provides instructions for how LMOP’s map could be used when considering potential EJ concerns during landfill gas energy project planning and development. The page covers basic map functionality, details about the EJ demographic indicators and indexes, suggested search criteria and example map results.

LMOP presented “Environmental Justice and the Landfill Gas Energy Industry” at the Solid Waste Association of North America’s SOAR (Sustainability. Operations. Action. Resources.) event on April 16, 2024, in Phoenix, Arizona. They discussed the above new resources and provided a demonstration of using the LMOP map.

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