Bioenergy Devco, a global leader in the design, engineering, construction, financing, and operation of advanced anaerobic digester systems, has been named as a winner of the 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards, honoring their leadership, innovation, and commitment to sustainable business practices. “We are honored to receive this prestigious recognition from the SEAL Awards,” said Shawn Kreloff, CEO of Bioenergy Devco. “Sustainability is at the heart of our mission, and we are committed to developing innovative solutions that promote a more sustainable future for our planet. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in delivering cutting-edge food waste anaerobic digester facilities that are the heart of sustainable agriculture.”

Each year, the SEAL Awards recognize the 50 most sustainable companies and the most impactful environmental initiatives. Bioenergy Devco received the Environmental Initiatives Award for its pioneering organics recycling facility in Jessup, Maryland. This groundbreaking facility utilizes anaerobic digestion to convert 120,000 tons of food waste annually into renewable natural gas and nutrient-rich soil amendment. It tackles redirecting over 120,000 tons of organic waste from landfills yearly and mitigates emissions equivalent to over 69,000 acres of forest. The facility produces around 340,000 MMBtu of renewable gas to power over 7500 homes and generates 16,575 tons of soil amendment for agriculture.

“Integration and Impact are the watchwords of the 2024 SEAL Sustainability Awards. This year, we’ve seen an impressive synthesis of technology, design, and innovation combined to drive sustainable impact,” commented Matt Harney, Chairperson and Founder of SEAL Awards. “Alongside the critical need for organizations to dedicate real investment and human capital into ESG, the holistic approach of these award winners is imperative to keep driving progress.”

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