In advance of National Battery Day, Call2Recycle, Canada’s leading battery collection and recycling program, and Panasonic Canada Inc., a Panasonic Group Company, announce the grand opening of their battery recycling and product activation, Recycling Today, Recharging Tomorrow, at Arcadia Earth Toronto.

Located within Arcadia Earth Toronto, a 17,000 square-foot multi-sensory experience that combines creative art installations and exciting technology located in The Well, Toronto’s newest mixed-use complex, this initiative is set to transform how individuals interact with battery recycling and sustainable battery solutions. Recycling Today, Recharging Tomorrow aims to educate visitors on responsible battery recycling through Call2Recycle’s Recycle Your Batteries, Canada! program, rewarding participants with exclusive discounts on the purchase of Panasonic eneloopTM ready-to-use rechargeable batteries.

Combining the expertise of Call2Recycle Canada in battery recycling, Panasonic’s commitment to sustainable technology, and Arcadia Earth’s dedication to environmental education, the new activation will highlight the pivotal role batteries play in our daily lives and how we share in the responsibility to minimize their impact — from purchase to responsible end-of-life disposal.

“As we gear up for National Battery Day on February 18, we are excited to introduce the Recycling Today, Recharging Tomorrow activation to the heart of Toronto in collaboration with Panasonic and Arcadia Earth. This initiative not only reflects our shared commitment to environmental sustainability but also serves as a meaningful reminder to divert batteries from the landfill and protect the environment,” said Jon McQuaid, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Call2Recycle Canada.

Key Features of the Recycling Today, Recharging Tomorrow Activation:

  • Battery Recycling Hub: visitors can experience the future of safe and innovative battery disposal by dropping their used batteries in the cutting-edge Battery Recycling Smart Container, provided by Recycle Your Batteries, Canada!, and powered by Call2Recycle.
  • eneloop Rechargeable Battery Display: visitors can learn about Panasonic eneloopTM rechargeable batteries and receive exclusive discounts on these products when they recycle their used batteries in the aforementioned Hub.
  • Interactive Carbon Footprint Calculator: with admission to Arcadia Earth, visitors can calculate their carbon footprint and learn more about how they can help the environment by recycling batteries and using rechargeable batteries.

“Partnering with Call2Recycle Canada at Arcadia Earth offers a unique opportunity to empower individuals, enabling them to make sustainable product choices,” said Scott Kraus, Director of Marketing of Life & Device Solutions Division, Panasonic Canada Inc. “Understanding how these choices, both at the time of purchase and end-of-life, can have lasting impacts on the environment is not just a commitment for National Battery Day but a responsibility we should uphold every day.”

“Our goal for Arcadia Earth is to inspire visitors to make small lifestyle changes that will benefit the future of our planet,” said Craig Perlmutter, President of Arcadia Earth Toronto. “We’re pleased to partner with Call2Recycle and Panasonic to make safe battery disposal accessible while providing consumers with a great sustainable battery solution.

The activation kicked off on February 13 at the Marketplace of Arcadia Earth Toronto and will be accessible to visitors during regular operating hours through September. Visitors are encouraged to bring used batteries for recycling, receiving a discount on their purchase of Panasonic eneloopTM ready-to-use rechargeable batteries.

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