ISB Global (Booth #4057), the UK-based provider of software to waste management operators around the world, is launching its market-leading software solution Waste and Recycling One (WR1) in the US. Two major US waste hauliers are already set to go live with WR1 this year, and the product is attracting significant interest among other leading North American waste management operators.

WR1 standardizes, simplifies, and automates waste and recycling processes for waste management operators. By providing a single source of master data across all operations, from planning to execution to finance, WR1 delivers an accurate overview of all business functions so that waste management companies can boost operational performance, increase efficiency and cut unnecessary costs. WR1 is built on the OutSystems low-code platform and seamlessly integrates into ERP systems, such as SAP. It is the only truly integrated waste management software solution on the market.

Commenting on the news, Pritesh Pattni, Chief Commercial Officer at ISB Global, said, “ISB Global’s unique blend of waste industry insight combined with software development expertise means we understand the particular business challenges facing waste management operators. As a result we are able deliver effective software solutions that address these challenges.

“The waste industry in the USA and elsewhere is at an inflection point,” he explained. “Waste management and recycling is increasingly complex with multiple moving parts and important regulatory obligations to meet. To properly manage this complexity, waste management operators need to upgrade, automate and digitise their operations and back-office processes.”

Pattni went on, “We have developed our WR1 solution in close cooperation with the waste and recycling industry. WR1 incorporates operational business processes and workflows that have been carefully designed to meet waste management operators’ exacting requirements.”

WR1 delivers immediate benefits for waste management operators. It replaces outdated legacy systems that are a barrier to efficiency without the need to integrate new software into existing tech stacks. WR1 also provides full visibility across all operations, driven by a single, trustworthy source of master data – this in turn enables better real-time decision making. Crucially, it simplifies compliance reporting, adapting to regulatory changes and flagging waste and recycling processes that contravene industry standards.

Since WR1’s introduction in the UK, ISB Global customers have seen a range of advantages that have driven quantifiable improvements in performance, including:

  • Metal recycling specialist Light Brothers increased the automation of its recycling materials processes by 90 percent
  • Energy and environmental sensor provider Veris saw an 80 percent uplift in payment accuracy from subcontractors
  • Commercial waste management provider TWBC reduced data administration by 80 percent thanks to WR1’s process automation

“WR1 stands alone as the only integrated software solution made specifically for the waste management and recycling industry. Already two major US waste hauliers are rolling out the solution across their operations – expect more WR1 customers in North America over the next 12 months.”

ISB Global is exhibiting at Waste Expo 2024 in Las Vegas, NV., this week, where on Tuesday 7th May ISB Global Chief Commercial Officer Pritesh Pattni will take part in a roundtable on innovation in the waste management and recycling sector alongside CEOs from LRS, GFL and Waste Connections.

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