In order to aid in bridging the supply and demand gap in the solid waste management department, the city of Lubbock, Texas, has created an apprenticeship program for employees while they get their commercial driver’s licenses. According to Brenda Haney, Lubbock’s director of solid waste, “CDL drivers are essential for the efficient collection and disposal of waste, but the industry has struggled to attract and retain qualified professionals. The solid waste department was looking to begin an apprenticeship, allowing us to hire people without commercial driver’s licenses and then train them for their CDL.”

Since the city did not have the staff available to conduct the training, various driving schools nearby were researched. When the city looked into South Plains College, they discovered the college had an existing partnership with ATDS Truck Driving School. Meeting with South Plains College and ATDS Truck Driving School, it was agreed that ATDS would submit the necessary paperwork to become licensed to offer a Class B CDL training program with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The partnership is three-fold between the city, South Plains College and ATDS Truck Driving School. Lubbock provides students and vehicles to use during the training, South Plains College manages the facility and enrolls employees in the class and ATDS provides the training and test for the appropriate CDL licensing.

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Author: Nicholette Carlson, The Municipal
Image: Lubbock, Texas, Solid Waste Department