LyondellBasell along with the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) announced the use of the equivalent of 520,000 plastic retail bags to pave 4,875 square yards of parking lot at the Louisiana Integrated PolyEthylene JV LLC. The project utilized 8,000 pounds of LyondellBasell CirculenRecover polymers, made from plastic waste using a mechanical recycling process. The asphalt project is an example of LyondellBasell’s commitment to end plastic waste in the environment that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerated.

“LyondellBasell continues to advance sustainability and fosters innovative solutions that will transform the plastics industry,” said Armando Lara, site manager of the Louisiana Integrated PolyEthylene JV Site. “Projects like this are exciting testaments to the capabilities we have to reuse products through recycling that would otherwise go to waste.”

This is the second project LyondellBasell has completed with PLASTICS to reuse recycled polymers in paving projects at manufacturing facilities that we own and operate. “With the completion of their second plastic to asphalt project, LyondellBasell is demonstrating true leadership and commitment to ending plastic waste in the environment. The Plastic to Asphalt program continues to grow as companies choose to substitute traditional paving methods, which utilize fossil fuels, for the use of recycled polymer technologies. The projects showcase the versatility of recycled polymers and their use in diverse applications, such as construction and building projects,” said PLASTICS’ Vice President of Sustainability, Patrick Krieger.

In June of 2020, PLASTICS announced the completion of research on a new formulation of asphalt binder using the “Dry Process.” This formulation offers many of the same benefits of traditional polymer-modified asphalt, including improved strength properties, and increased lifespan, at a decreased cost.

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