The Product Stewardship Society® and the Board for Global EHS Credentialing® (BGC) announces the launch of the Certified Professional Product Steward™ (CPPS) certification.  The CPPS is the first credential of its kind and will provide product stewardship professionals with an opportunity to distinguish their expertise and build professional credibility within their organizations. The Product Stewardship Society supported the BGC in the creation of the new product stewardship credential.

The BGC chair, Cynthia Hanko, CIH, has said that “Both organizations have challenged ourselves to continually innovate, and have brought our unique resources and strengths to the table to create the CPPS. We are excited about the possibilities that the CPPS opens up for practitioners to demonstrate how they improve the product stewardship field and how it protects people and the environment.”

The pathway to the new CPPS credential consists of rigorous education and experience requirements and an exam. The first CPPS exam window will take place in September 2020. Applications for the September exam are due July 15, 2020; the application fee will be waived for the first two exams.

The Product Stewardship Society offers several resources to help candidates prepare for the exam, including frequently cited publications, like Professional Practices of Product Stewardship and Realizing the Full Business Value of Product Stewardship, and an upcoming online CPPS exam prep course debuting this summer. Additionally, the Society’s Stewardship on Demand learning library contains sessions covering all aspects of product stewardship and can serve as a supplemental resource.

“Launching the CPPS is a significant milestone for the product stewardship profession and the result of work by dozens of dedicated volunteer subject matter experts who helped develop this credential over the past several years,” said Lynn Bergeson, president of the Product Stewardship Society. “Their heroic efforts will help establish a common framework to define the practice of product stewardship for the future.”

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