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BYD’s overarching corporate goal is to spur the mass-market adoption of green technologies and drive dramatic global economic and environmental recovery. BYD believes that we are in a unique position to do this as we have developed the industry’s only environmentally friendly battery chemistry: BYD “Iron-Phosphate” Battery (hereafter, Fe Battery). This battery technology has been a facilitator for two major technological breakthroughs within the global push to eliminate the dependence on heavy pollution emitting fossil fuels. (1) It enables renewable power generation to be relevant for grid operations with firm “dispatch-able” capacity. (2) It enables the introduction of long-range, long-service life, and fast charging capable electric vehicles. Utilizing BYD’s Fe Battery chemistry, we are capable of linking affordable solar/renewable energy power made relevant with environmentally friendly battery storage that is delivered responsibly to transportation—this in essence has completed the true ZERO Emissions Ecosystem.

BYD’s battery electric trucks utilize the same environmentally friendly Fe Battery that is supplied within our large scale fixed Energy Storage Stations (ESS). BYD developed its Fe Battery Chemistry to be free of heavy metals and toxic electrolytes while possessing the smallest environmental impact of any electric vehicle battery system in the market today.

In comparison to traditional diesel engines or CNG powered heavy-duty vehicles, BYD’s all electric heavy-duty vehicles offer both qualitative and quantitative benefits that will have short- and long-term impacts on both a micro-level fleet operation and the macro-level environment.



On the micro-level, BYD’s Battery Electric trucks will cut ­­­­­operating costs by over 30% in comparison to utilizing an equivalent diesel or CNG vehicle. This added influx of overhead capital to a transit agency will produce an immediate impact on the community in terms of job growth, which will in turn lead to a downstream economic growth in the same community.

Furthermore, when BYD produces our Fe Battery, we consider the Total Life Cycle of each cell.  Unlike other electric truck manufacturers that provide a single use of their batteries, BYD is in a unique position, because of our vertical integration, to repurpose batteries from our heavy duty vehicles (once they reach their useful life cycle) into our own Energy Storage Systems. We are our own customer for repurposing as well as recertifying packs and modules.

BYD internally developed the Fe Battery chemistry to ensure the stability and safety of each of our electric vehicles. BYD calls our batteries “Iron-Phosphate” versus “Lithium-Iron-Phosphate” because the dominant materials within the chemistry are Iron and Phosphate with only trace amounts of lithium varnished on the cathode/anode and in the salts of electrolyte.


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