Soon, the recycling industry in Latin America and much of the world will be traversed by one of the most important events in the region: the II Latin American Tire Recycling Conference. The appointment will take place from November 10 to 11, in a totally virtual format but with the same quality as any physical event. This is due to the Live Streaming platform that will be used to live the multimedia experience, a phenomenon that will allow the participation of attendees and speakers from different parts of the planet.

In this edition, JornadasReciclaje will revolve around six thematic blocks: management and regulation of each country on recycling; tire renewal; tire treatment technologies; the applications of materials from recycling; energy recovery and alternative transformation technologies. All of this will take place in two days and through speakers of a high technical and scientific level, who will present their latest work on recycling. Some of them will be: Luis Alfonso de León, Chistophe García, María Paz Sánchez Amono, Jorge Acuña, Leticia Saiz, Luis Arteaga, Aitana Tamayo, Gerardo Botasso and Lucía Asaro, among many more!

Likewise, two special panels will be held during the event. On the 10th, the panel on Tire Renewal in Latin America will be held, while on the 11th, the NFU Management Legislation in Latin America. In both conferences, members from different countries will discuss the issues concerned to achieve meeting points and improvement and thus continue to mark the future of recycling in Latin America and the rest of the world.

For more information or to sign up, contact [email protected] and reserve your place on time.