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In the Spotlight

Athens Services: Four Generations of Innovation

From humble beginnings to the largest independent recycling and solid waste services company in Los Angeles County, Athens Services has introduced near-zero emissions vehicles to its fleet, continued to use innovative technology to process mixed waste and to enhance recyclability and has been at the forefront of the organics movement, while also celebrating the many people that have given their entire career to work with the organization.



4 Tips for Enhancing the Safety of Your Fleet

Equipment and drivers are essential to any fleet’s safety, productivity and long-term profitability. Investing in the best combination can go a long way toward building a successful and safety-conscious business.

Curtis Dowart


Facilities Planning and Design

Looking at an Expansion or New Facility? The Initial Feasibility Phase Can Make or Break You

What required items should be considered in this phase and what partners should you add to your team in order to start your project off on the right foot? 

Jeff Eriks


Transfer Stations/MRFs

From Material Handling to Tires: Best Practices in Transfer Stations and MRFs

Using proper best practices for transfer station and MRF operations will increase production and efficiencies while keeping maintenance, fuel and floor costs low.

Tom Griffith


Vehicle Safety

How to Maximize the Safety for Waste Trucks and Operators

Knowing safety inside and out.

Amy Ahn



Effective Safety Training is by Design

Safety training is an investment that will pay dividends in the long run through lower worker’s compensation rates and lower overall labor costs. A well-designed safety training program will help prevent injuries, prevent regulatory citations, improve moral and lower worker turnover rates.

Lloyd Andrew



Banks Vs. Private Lenders

Looking at leasing and business financing companies rather than a bank-only option.

Gregory Oestreich


Truck Equipment

How Video Technology is Exonerating Drivers and Streamlining Operations in the Waste and Recycling Industry

With a wide range of vehicle and safety technologies available, video-based safety programs have emerged at the forefront, and many progressive waste and recycling fleets have realized the safety and cost benefits of the technology.

Jason Palmer



Selecting a Solid Waste Truck Scale

Essential considerations for buying the right truck scale for Your weighing operation.

Caleb Tidball



Designing Waste Containers for Wildlife

When planning for waste management … don’t forget about the animals!

Gary Jonsson


Equipment Strategies

Equipment Considerations for New Haulers

Getting started in the waste hauling business is an exciting and often daunting proposition, but doing your homework, knowing your costs and finding the right equipment will go a long way toward achieving your goals.

Kirk Warren


Container Management

Reducing Container Accidents

Using a container attachment for commercial rear load containers ensures the operator can safely dump 1 to 6 yard containers faster and with less effort than the traditional cable winch. By making them the standard equipment on your rear loaders, you can help to reduce accidents in your operations.

Terry Amick


Data Management

How Data Can Boost Your Waste Hauling Business

The transition of the waste management industry to a data-driven industry will only make the waste collection process more efficient. This efficiency brings a double benefit as haulers and municipalities and clients could save money by introducing IoT technology to industry in need of a revamp.

Nadav Lesham and Yonni Myers


Route Optimization

Five Myths about Route Optimization in Solid Waste

Route optimization can deliver big savings for solid waste operators, but don’t be misled by some of the myths.

Jean-François Moneyron


Smart Technologies

Haulers Get Competitive with Smart Sensor Tech

Connected technology and full transparency are driving an overhaul in the waste management sector—all thanks to the Industrial Internet of Things.

Julian Mossanen



Helping End Users Select the Best Option for Debris Removal for their Project

The debris removal industry is large enough for everyone to have their niche but through clear communication, customers can find the solution providers that will make their lives easier.

Paul DiSpazio


Safety Case Study

Municipalities Save Lives with Truck Side Guards

Lightweight safety barriers retrofit onto trucks to help prevent rear wheel crush hazard to cyclists and pedestrians.


Tires Case Study

Attention to Detail Increases Tire Life

Matching tires to operational challenges faced every day.

Seth Walters


Guest Commentary

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—Section 41 and Section 179: Windfall for the Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste and Recycling Industries

The waste industry should consistently and diligently work to solve the waste crisis by seeking out existing waste technologies or initiate research and development of new waste technologies to minimize the load on landfills.

Tony Nocito and Marco Nocito


Engine Case Study

Studies Prove Electric: Trash Mechanical Fans for New Engine Cooling Tech

By replacing today’s large single mechanical fan with a series of smaller electric fans, this new electric cooling approach accounts for fuel economy improvements upwards of 18 percent, thereby lowering emissions.