Casella Waste Systems, Inc. recently honored six of its customers for their leadership in sustainability as part of Casella’s annual Sustainability Leadership Awards. The Casella Sustainability Leadership Awards represent innovation and commitment to creating a better tomorrow by showcasing each recipients’ sustainable material management practices. Recipients were selected from a range of segments, including municipalities, colleges and universities, industrial manufacturers, food and beverage producers, and more.

“We are thrilled to acknowledge and celebrate the sustainability achievements of these organizations with our 2023 Sustainability Leadership Awards,” said John W. Casella, Chairman and CEO of Casella. “This year’s recipients represent innovation and leadership in the sustainability space, and we are honored to work alongside them providing services to help advance their materials management initiatives.”

Recognized organizations are highlighted on, which features stories of resource sustainability excellence in the areas of partnership, innovation, recycling, organics recovery, donations and reuse, circular economy, and education. “As our own sustainability journey evolves and continues forward, we are grateful to all our customers, who inspire us to continuously improve each day, and we look forward to honoring them in this manner each year,” said Casella.

2023 Casella Sustainability Leadership Award Winners

Boston University has entrusted Casella to help implement one of the country’s leading campus resource management and zero-waste strategies. Since launch, Casella has supported many of the campus’ initiatives including compost pilot programs, zero-waste events, a lab plastics recycling pilot program, a sustainability intern program, waste audits, and more, as well as worked to right-size service and improve efficiencies across campus using innovative technology.

The City of Worcester, Massachusetts is one of Casella’s largest municipal partners across the company’s operating footprint. The city has been dedicated to improving recycling quality by reducing contamination and, together with Casella, deployed dozens of measures to improve recycling habits, including the incorporation of new bins, educational materials, curbside audits, bin tagging, and community events, resulting in an almost 50 percent reduction in contamination. Their efforts are setting the standard for other municipalities in Central Massachusetts and beyond.

Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast is one of the nation’s largest Coca-Cola bottlers. Since 2016, the partnership between Coca-Cola Northeast and Casella has grown to encompass 26 branches, 46 vendors, and 36 managed waste and recycling streams. Today, Coca-Cola Northeast locations have collectively contributed to an impressive diversion rate of 93.7 percent, a testament to their devotion of time, effort, and resources to creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Nestlé Purina’s manufacturing facility in Allentown, Pennsylvania produces quality food for pets while implementing sustainable business practices. In collaboration with Casella, Nestlé has prioritized the recovery of organics, cardboard, LDPE film, and pallets, in addition to helping redirect an additional 2,300 tons per year of unsellable pet food away from incineration.

Wake Robin, a continuing care retirement community in Shelburne, Vermont, has made the responsible stewardship of resources part of its core mission. The community has fully implemented Casella’s Zero-Sort Recycling, compost, and municipal solid waste services, in addition to establishing their own initiatives, such as the Wake Robin Green Committee and Climate Action Taskforce, to further explore and expand on-site sustainability programs with the support of residents, staff, and administration.

The WooSox, Triple-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, in Worcester, Massachusetts took the field at Polar Park for its first home game in May 2021, marking the redevelopment of a 12-acre parking lot brownfield into a valued community resource. As the stadium’s preferred waste and recycling provider, Casella has proudly supported the WooSox’s commitment to environmental stewardship with waste, recycling, and organics services while providing educational resources for the Worcester community.

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