May 2018 Issue

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In the Spotlight

Marathon County Solid Waste, WI: Pulling Back the Curtain: From Trash to Community Treasure


28 | Containers/Carts

Choosing a Residential Bear-Resistant Garbage Can

They are many important factors to consider when evaluating the bear resistant cans that are now available in today’s marketplace.

Patti Sowka


33 | Odor Control

Mitigating Landfill Odors with a Non-Reusable Geo-synthetic Film as Alternative Daily Cover

While there is no one solution to mitigating odors at landfills, there are steps to be taken. A non-reusable geosynthtic film for ADC is certainly worth vetting at your site if you find yourself receiving large numbers of odor complaints.

J.D. Mohr


35 | Conveyors

Introducing Conveyors Systems into Fabric Structures

While a number of business owners have thought of the fabric structure as a storage solution, it is also a great way to integrate a conveyor system that improves workflow and cut costs.

Lindsay Hawes


38 | Landfills

Wastewater Deep Injection Wells for Wastewater Disposal Industries Tap a Unique Resource

The increasingly stringent surface water discharge standards are an ongoing challenge for industries generating a wastewater stream. Deep injection wells should be considered as a potentially viable option for long-term, cost-effective wastewater disposal. However, they can generate considerable public concern and pushback during the permitting phase.

Bruce Clark, PE and Monte Markley, PG


46 | Facilities Planning and Design

Ensuring Your New/Upgraded Facility Meets Necessary Codes/Regulations

Understanding processes for different levels of jurisdiction will make a difference in the length of time devoted to the design and construction of your facility

Jeff Eriks and Evan Williams



50 | Separators

The Case for Producing Low-Copper Steel with Ballistic Separators

Ballistic separators are now used in shredding yards, steel mills and slag processing facilities throughout North America. Facilities using ballistic separators report increased revenues and reduced overhead.

Mike Shattuck and Chris Ramsdell


52 | Environmental Redevelopment

Brownfields Redevelopment Program

With more than 3,800 acres of brownfield/voluntary properties being put back into productive use since 2010, thriving communities, environmental justice and Tennessee’s landscape are of the utmost importance to the Division.

Alle Crampton


58 | Event Wrap-Up

The Solid Waste Industry “Reached New Heights” at SWANApalooza 2018

From industry leaders discussing China’s waste import restrictions and unparalleled industry networking with a packed exhibit hall, to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper delivering a conference address, SWANApalooza 2018 was full of “firsts” and highlights.


62 | Guest Commentary

A Solution to be Desired

Between implementing a two-pronged legislative approach and creating an Organic Resource Locator tool for decision-making purposes, the U.S. could become a shining example of what cutting-edge food waste management looks like.

Jon Schroeder


66 | Waste Transportation Case Study

Heritage Transport: Cutting Edge in the World of Environmental Waste Hauling

By partnering with PacLease’s services, support and flexibility, Heritage Transport continues to operate a fleet that is safe and efficient.

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