The Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) has announced the planned retirement of its longstanding Executive Director, Lynn Rubinstein.  Her tenure will continue through early fall 2022. “Few have served NERC with more commitment or dedication than Lynn Rubinstein. She has been at the forefront of so many connections, projects, and initiatives that have not only raised the profile and reputation of NERC, but have supported and furthered recycling, reuse, organics recovery, product stewardship, safer solid waste management, and diversity/equity/inclusion for the mutual benefit of the public, business, and state and local governments in the Northeast region and beyond. We are all-at-once so sad to see Lynn go, and yet so appreciative of Lynn’s leadership,” commented Josh Kelly, NERC Board President.

NERC will be working with TSNE, an expert in non-profit Executive Director transitions, to work with the Board and key stakeholders to ensure that NERC continues to be the outstanding organization that it has been for the past 35 years, with no loss in performance or quality during the transition or with the hiring of a new Executive Director.

Megan Mansfield Pryor, Vice President of the Board noted that “the Board has a solid plan to secure a new Executive Director who will meet the needs of the organization as it is, and as it grows. We have formed a dedicated team who, along with our expert advisers at TSNE, will ensure a smooth transition of NERC’s leadership. We are incredibly grateful to Lynn for all that she has done for NERC, and for her relentless dedication to making sure that NERC continues to thrive.”

NERC will begin accepting expressions of interest in the position in the near future and anticipates posting a job description in early June.

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